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Aiming to help consumers institutional roles (paper towels, toilet paper, etc.), the company is enumerating below some care that should be taken at the time of the purchase. Here they are:

a) To confirm the paper dimensions in the package with what is really inside. The variation should be within the legal tolerances.

b) To check the paper quality: appearance, tears, smell and presence of dust. On paper towel also check if the paper tears or crumbles easily when people are drying hands. Check if tt also evaluates the performance, in other words, how many meters or sheets are required for drying the hands.

c) Always keep your hands clean. Wash them frequently and use disposable paper to dry them.

d) To follow this tip: good quality paper conscious user = 3 sheets of paper on drying (maximum).

Alert: In the market for institutional roles low price does not mean low cost.


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